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Are you moving internationally? Safe Box International Cargo Packaging and Movers Dubai can help you get there. We can relocate your goods by Sea or by Air, with your own full container or with a shared space in a container.  We offer many helpful services for families and companies moving to other countries, such as long-term storage services and the insurance coverage you need to be protected. We’ve helped individuals, families, and businesses relocate to countries all over the globe. No matter where in the world you’re moving, our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have what you need to make your move a s comfortable as possible. Safe Box International is a proud member of IAM (International association of Movers)


IAM is the largest global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies. We gather over 600 affiliates in more than 100 countries spanning the five continents.

They deliver comprehensive global mobility services to families, individuals and companies.  

Every IAM Affiliate complies with the rigorous IAM quality standard, generally accepted as the supreme professional industry standard worldwide. This ensures final customers that only the top quality movers are part of the network. To us, clients’ satisfaction is the most important, and we can only reach this if they can trust our members. 

Press HERE to learn about FIDI FAIM.


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3 Months before

-Sit down with a moving specialist; they have immense knowledge of the process

-Book your plane tickets and hotel, if needed

- Check the validation of your passports/visa, if needed

-Inform your children's school of your move

- Ask the school to mail you transcripts and needed documents

- Research the best new school for your children and contact them

- Ask for the list of class parents and join any relevant groups.

- Arrange a folder for all important documents: financial statement, bills, medical records, etc

- Begin the process to sel or rent your home.

2 Months before

- Check the validity of your international driver's license

- Set your moving date

- Inform everyone you're in touch with about your address change

- Contact the post office for a re-route service (change in mailing address)

- Set up direct payments with the bank for any payments you'll still be making

- Start packing items you won't be needing for a few months, such as books, rarely-used household items, and out-of-season clothing

- Label and number all boxes; keep an inventory of each box number and what it contains

- Arrange medical records for all family members and pets.

- Put your car on market

1 Month before

- Take into consideration the container will be between 30 to 60 days on the ocean, therefore, arrange a place to stay in the meantime

- Pack a bag with everything you will be needing for the 1st month: clothing, makeup, medicine, etc.

- If one parent is traveling before the other, make that parent the power of attorney

- Also establish power of attorney for opening bank accounts, gaining insurance, school application, etc.

- Rent a car in your destination country/city

- Send an introductory e-mail to your children's new class parents

- Find out about after-school and extracurricular activities.

-Buy school uniform if needed.

- Contact the utilities companies to disconnect services such as gas electricity and cable etc

obel Relocation has local depots in Miami and Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. Nobel International is the most reliable international moving company in Miami and beyond, moving your household goods and personal effects overseas with the most professional worldwide movers.


Moving to another country with your family can be a very challenging and stressful endeavor. Having a professional international mover like Nobel Relocation on your side can make all the deference in the world. At Nobel International, we have the knowledge, expertise, and know-how to deal with customs and the authorities. We know all the regulations and procedures that will save you unexpected expenses and ensure your experience is  a pleasant adventure. Choosing the right international moving company makes all the difference. With Nobel Relocation, you get our global network of professional forwarders and agents. This will make your transition into your new life abroad much easier and hassle-free.





Less Than Container Load (LCL): If your household goods do not fill an entire ocean container, then you may ask to consolidate your shipment with another shipper’s goods inside the same ocean shipping container. We will ship your goods on pallets or inside Lift Vans. Pallets are standardized wooden shipping crates that are used to move household goods nationally and internationally. The size of the van itself is approximately 84 inches x 46 inches x 85 inches, or (7ft x 4ft x 7ft). All shipments are separated inside the container.

Full Container Load (FCL) Services: If you have a large amount of household goods, then you are better off using a full ocean container. By using a full container, you are no longer sharing the container with other customers; the shipping rate is often much cheaper; and it is easier to clear customs upon delivery. You no longer have to worry about the cost of shipping each item and, due to a US-approved seal, you’ll have the peace of mind that no one can access your container while in transit.




Packing and Unpacking Services for an International Move – Nobel Relocation offers a professional packing service that includes boxing and packing all your belongings, as well as packing fine art & antiques, using only the best material available to ensure a safe and protected transportation. Also available is an unpacking service at your final destination.

Door to Port – This service includes disassembling and wrapping all furniture for a safe transit; preparing a professional inventory and shipping documents of all your household goods for customs clearance at your destination; loading the shipment and securing it in the ocean shipping container; and transporting the container to the port to be loaded onto the designated vessel headed to the final destination port.

Door to Door – This service includes disassembling and wrapping all furniture for a safe transit; preparing a professional inventory and shipping documents of all your household goods for customs clearance at destination; loading the shipment and securing it in the ocean shipping container; and transporting the container to the port to be loaded onto the designated vessel headed to the final destination port, in addition to the following services carried out by our professional destination agents at the arrival port: customs clearance, in-home delivery, assembly of all basic furniture, unpacking (optional), and the removal of all debris.

These factors should be carefully considered when making the important decision regarding which items you choose to move overseas:

  • Know your limits. Ensure the delivery into your residences will not cause any insurmountable problems due to, for example, a piano, oversized entertainment center, or furniture. Consider hallway and stairway dimensions and elevators/lifts that may sometimes be too small to transport some large items.

  • Be selective. The decision as to what to move overseas can often be more difficult for individuals who do not have definite housing arrangements. Make sure the articles you select are not only desirable for your new home, but also worth moving overseas.

Everyone should know their rights with respect to customs regulations. Laws are often subject to change. Information may be obtained from the Consulate’s Office but bear in mind that international moving (Florida) representatives are very knowledgeable regarding rights and customs information.

Nobel Relocation is an international relocation company based in Miami and Atlanta and can move you anywhere in the world. We specialize in moving to North AmericaSouth AmericaEurope, the Middle EastSouth Africa, and Asia.

Nobel Relocation also provides other services, such as moving boats and vehicles overseas



  • Because we are professionals and specialists in International Moves and Relocation.

  • Because our services cover nearly the entire globe.

  • Because our worldwide agencies are present in 186 countries.

  • Because we are proud of our record—100% satisfied customers!

When moving internationally there is no room for mistakes! There are many rules and regulation to moving overseas, making it the most delicate kind of move. Being licensed is essential, but Nobel Relocation also has well-maintained connections with moving companies all over the world.

Moving with Nobel Relocation international movers means moving within our safety net. We work with only the leading companies all over the world: on the ocean, in the air, and on the ground. We are familiar with all customs and regulation rules in each and every country. Stay safe with us! We’ve got you covered!


Moving to another country requires a thorough understanding and respect for federal jurisdictions outside the U.S., as well as the proper experience and insurance coverage to ensure that shipped items arrive at their final destination in one piece. Nobel Relocation has the experience and adequate insurance to see you and your belongings safely to your destination. We’ll take you wherever you need to go and provide the most sensible transportation solutions for your office, commercial, or household items. Planning an international move? Contact Nobel Relocation, your family-friendly international movers with offices in Miami and Tampa-Florida, Atlanta-Georgia, and Baltimore-Maryland (Support Washington DC).  Call us today for a free estimate.

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